In the composition of the inverter market, centralized inverters originally accounted for the highest proportion. In recent years, due to the rapid development of string inverters, the proportion has also continued to increase. With the continuous advancement of technology, the cost of string inverters has dropped rapidly, gradually approaching the cost of centralized inverters, and the application of string inverters has gradually expanded in the central and eastern regions, and the distributed application fields have continued to increase. It will maintain rapid growth and its market share will further increase.

Development trend of inverter technology route

Thanks to the rapid decline in costs, the proportion of distributed power generation systems superimposed overseas and domestic has increased year by year. In the past few years, the share of string inverters in the global inverter market has gradually increased to about 50%; centralized inverters The market share of micro-inverters was squeezed to a certain extent and declined slowly; the market share of micro-inverters maintained a steady growth.

At present, major domestic inverter companies have deployed string inverters, and most of them can provide household solutions, such as Huawei, Sungrow, Ginlong Technology, GoodWe, etc. Hemai and Yuneng are companies specializing in micro-inverters; Shangneng Electric and TBEA are mainly engaged in large-scale power projects, and their downstream customers are mainly large state-owned enterprises and large private enterprises.

Photovoltaic inverter industry concentration

With the development of the market, the concentration of the global inverter market continues to increase. In 2019, CR5 is close to 50% based on shipments. Among them, domestic manufacturers Huawei and Sungrow occupy the top of the list and take up 35% of the share. The third and fifth places are the old German inverter company SMA and the largest inverter company in the United States. Power Electric and Italian inverter company FIMER, domestic inverter manufacturers Shangneng Electric and Jinlong Technology ranked sixth and tenth respectively.

Due to the wide difference in product unit prices in different segments of the inverter market, in terms of sales value, SolarEdge and Huawei ranked first with a market share of 16% in 2019, while Sungrow ranked fourth and top 5 in the world with a market share of only 8%. Famous manufacturers accounted for nearly 60% of the total shipments.